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Oil Absorbents

Oil Absorbents

Designed for petroleum and hydrocarbon-based spills, Oil Absorbents wick up oil and lubricants while repelling water. Particularly efficient where oil and water may be mixed in the spill, specialized absorbents keep you from wasting valuable universal absorbents on non-toxic spill material. What makes Oil-Only Spill Kits special? Specialized Absorbents: Oil-Only absorbents are designed to capture petroleum and hydrocarbon-based spills and repel water, which makes them particularly efficient where oil and water may be mixed in the spill. You won’t have to waste valuable absorbent volume on non-toxic spill material.

Oil Absorbent Pads

Oil-only absorbents are suitable for recovering oil-based fluids indoors or outside and better yet, they repel water.

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3"x48" Oil Absorbent Socks

Oil Absorbent Socks are designed for standard-use applications and it's intended to absorb machine oils.

SPS3480 -3"x48"AbsorbentSk40/b

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Create Custom Shapes and Sizes to Modify our Standard Line-Up

Unlimited Custom Options

Do you see something that would work for your project but just doesn’t come in the shape or size you need? We can build any of our spill berms, drip containment products, stormwater containment products, bladders and tanks to your specifications.

Custom Printing

Do you need an arrow on a helicopter pad? Your logo on a spill berm? No problem! We can add thermo welded labels, latex printing and screen printing onto any of our products.

In House Engineering

Just because we haven’t thought of it does mean you don’t need it! Our Engineering team is on site with the manufacturing team and we have the fabric, equipment and experience to get your project done right and quickly.

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