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Spill Containment Berm Accessories

Get all the accessories you need to keep your spill containment berms in good working order. Get the necessary supplies to protect your berms and bladders from tears and punctures. Our ground covers will protect the product from rocks and ground clutter, while our berm brackets will help support the berms so that they can safely hold together during any project. Get all the tools you need for your spill containment berms at AIRE Environmental.

Quick Protector Berm Stay Bk/Yw

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Aluminum L Stay

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Quick Snap Berm Stay

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Tire Track Mat

Tire Track Mat Place the AIRE Track Mat™ into a spill containment berm to protect it from tears and punctures. Recommended for use in applications where a vehicle drives into and out of a containment berm. *Sold as Pair

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Econo Ground Pad

Econo Ground Pad The AIRE Econo Ground Pad is a single layer of 8 oz. non-woven geotextile fabric, designed to provide an extra layer of protection for berms, bladders and tanks. Simply unfold the Econo Ground Pad on the set area, and place an AIRE product up on top of it. This will provide extra […]

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Deluxe Ground Pad

Deluxe Ground Pad We build the AIRE Deluxe Ground Pad by sandwiching an 8 oz. non-woven geotextile fabric between 2 layers of 20 mil PE fabric. It is designed to provide heavy-duty protection for the floor of your berm from surface debris and rocks and will extend the life of the berm.

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Premium Berm Repair Kit

Premium Berm Repair Kit Each AIRE Environmental spill berm comes with a basic repair kit. But employees and the environment can be tough on equipment. Outfit your operation with a Premium Berm Repair Kit for quick and easy repairs that can save you money on replacements. Kit Includes: HH-66 Vinyl Cement 4oz (1) Alcohol Prep […]

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Spill Monkey Kit

The Spill Monkey Filtering System provides the ultimate 24/7 barrier against oil and hydrocarbon contamination and a reliable guard against environmental damage. The Spill Monkey uses simple gravity to filter diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline, and transformer oil out of rainwater and allows operators to safely drain overflow from containers, water reservoirs, and berms that […]

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Create Custom Shapes and Sizes to Modify our Standard Line-Up

Unlimited Custom Options

Do you see something that would work for your project but just doesn’t come in the shape or size you need? We can build any of our spill berms, drip containment products, stormwater containment products, bladders and tanks to your specifications.

Custom Printing

Do you need an arrow on a helicopter pad? Your logo on a spill berm? No problem! We can add thermo welded labels, latex printing and screen printing onto any of our products.

In House Engineering

Just because we haven’t thought of it does mean you don’t need it! Our Engineering team is on site with the manufacturing team and we have the fabric, equipment and experience to get your project done right and quickly.

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