Erosion Control

Culvert Sock

AIRE Environmental Culvert Socks enable fast, low-cost, short-term erosion control for drain and culvert systems. Preventing unnecessary erosion during and after construction projects and natural weather events, Culvert Socks slow water down and get it to a safe discharge location. When used on steep slopes and embankments that have no vegetation or cover, Culvert Socks provide important protection to land that is especially vulnerable to soil erosion. Need to move the water even further? We make Culvert Sock Extenders to support your unique water discharge needs. What makes Culvert Socks special? Slow Water Down: Culvert Socks slow water down and get it to a safe discharge location. Extendable: We make Culvert Sock Extenders if you need to move the water further.

Culvert Sock

Prevent soil erosion from road embankments by increasing the length of the culvert and reducing the waters' speed when exiting the sock.

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Dewatering Bag

AIRE Environmental Dewatering Bags provide a simple way to filter turbid water on a jobsite, releasing clean water back into the environment. Constructed of permeable geotextile that traps dirt as water slowly seeps out, Dewatering Bags prevent harmful pollution of local waterways without the need for costly excavation, keeping your SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) in force and saving you thousands of dollars in potential fines and cleanup costs. What makes Dewatering Bags special? No Excavation Required: Dewatering bags can be set up without costly excavation.

Sediment Dewatering Bag in Field

Dewatering Bag

Our Dewatering bag provides sediment filtration needed to keep your SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) in force and can help save thousands of dollars in fines and cleanup costs. These dewatering bags are designed to filter sediment and other pollutants from runoff generated during construction or demolition activities. They are highly effective in helping to prevent pollution and maintain the quality of nearby streams, lakes, and other bodies of water.

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Create Custom Shapes and Sizes to Modify our Standard Line-Up

Unlimited Custom Options

Do you see something that would work for your project but just doesn’t come in the shape or size you need? We can build any of our spill berms, drip containment products, stormwater containment products, bladders and tanks to your specifications.

Custom Printing

Do you need an arrow on a helicopter pad? Your logo on a spill berm? No problem! We can add thermo welded labels, latex printing and screen printing onto any of our products.

In House Engineering

Just because we haven’t thought of it does mean you don’t need it! Our Engineering team is on site with the manufacturing team and we have the fabric, equipment and experience to get your project done right and quickly.

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